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in the beginning…

In the following weeks there are a number of subject central to the understanding of tai chi that I will post on this blog page…


The interaction of yin and yang creates what is called tai chi.

Tai chi comes from wu chi; the state of Emptiness.┬áThe tai chi classics say, “wu chi gives birth to tai chi, and tai chi gives birth to the two elements. The two elements give birth to the four phenomena and the four phenomena give birth to the eight trigrams”.

In tai chi training, wu chi refers to the state when the body and mind are not divided into yin and yang. In other words, it is when the body is tranquil and is not affected by any contact with the outside world. The whole body, physical as well as mental, is united, so when we talk about wu chi training, we are talking about the ability to remove all the body’s tensions and other emotions guided by intent so that the person can return to the clear and natural condition that is calm and peaceful.