cloud hands

yeah ok…..those crazy taoists liked to give the tai chi movements some funny names; repulse the monkey, needle at the sea bottom, single whip etc. But one of these tai chi movements called Cloud Hands can also be done as an introductory chi gung exercise – to learn how to coordinate and connect the left and right sides of the body, understand the proper body alignments when shifting your body weight, and to help develop tan tien awareness as well as leg-spine connection.


As a self-contained chi-gung exercise it is highly effective; allowing someone with limited practice time available to not only learn core physical alignments, but also to benefit from the basic physical components of this exercise. One aspect of these benefits include being able to activate four fluid systems of the body; blood/circulation (activated as a result of the shifting of body weight from one leg to the other), lymph (activated through the specific movements of the arms/body/hips etc), synovial (activated through the alignment/coordination of the joints), and the cerebrospinal fluid (activated through the movement/coordination of the spine, body and head).

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